Management Qualifizierung
Management Qualifizierung

„A boss is an individual who depends on others.“
Paul Valéry

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Leading a company, department or team is one of the most responsible and complex tasks there is. With our range of services we want to develop an integrated competence profile, in order for you and your executives to succeed.

Managgement QualifizierungWe can speak from our experience as executives, transfer our business knowledge of best learning techniques, and provide examples of successes and failures into your day-to-day business practices in the training.

Our concept is based on your specific goals and challenges. We listen to you and integrate practical examples and applications from your company.

Our training doesn`t serve as a single measure but as part of an integral program for improving the performance.

"Learning from experience" is a main success factor.

We qualify both leaders and Senior Managers in order to ensure optimal learning transfer at the workplace.

Our training is based upon internationally proven methods and models. Orientation on Best Practice provides you with a high degree of security for learning.

We are using the personality profile of the company persolog®, which is based on the scientifically substantiated DISC model, in order to illustrate behaviour, to indicate development capabilities and to make cooperation more effective.

Through cooperation partners, we are able to transfer desired training topics successfully in different languages and cultures.

We provide work sheets and a checklist as easy to use tools.

„There is only one proof of ability - action.“
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach


Our range of services to facilitate your success:

  • Management competence for mastering the fundamental tasks of any manager.
  • Leadership competence for creating a future-oriented company or department.
  • Applicable management tools for increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Enhancing communication and cooperation through value-oriented principles and personality.