Talent Management
Talent Management

Organization and talent structure
follow the strategy.

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  • We coordinate the required business and personnel processes. Our integrated concept means that we develop the organizational design in workshops together with your management team in order to ensure sustainability.
  • Based upon your strategies we analyze the organizational design and confirm, complement or improve the following fundamental aspects:
    • Organizational structure: Are resources focused behind strategic priorities? Can we identify strengths and weaknesses of the current organization? What are essential roles, responsibilities and competencies to succeed in the future?
    • Processes: What procedures are in place to develop, communicate, implement and control strategy and goals? Which HR processes are necessary to drive performance management?
    • Organizational principles: Which fundamental values form our corporate culture, how do we want to operate, which profile  is needed by our employees and executives for future success (those aspects are essential in change management processes).
  • Each employee contributes specific talents, individual knowledge and skills. What are the criteria to select talents, how do we distinguish high performers from high potentials? We recommend pragmatic, implementation-oriented solutions.
  • Cross-functional talent development optimizes the staff and makes knowledge available on a broad basis. We moderate your national and international talent reviews and succession planning to help you identify your future management team.
  • A talent appraisal is also necessary during the recruitment process. We will adapt the results of your organizational design to your capability profiles and interview guidelines and then plan your Assessment Center.
  • Successful performance management begins with a clear definition of expectations. We advise you on developing performance management tools aligned with your business goals, and train your managers to use them to enhance results and motivation.
  • Human Resources Management has evolved from a merely administration into a strategic driver. We develop your executives in HRM into Strategic Business Partners.

A success oriented organizational development facilitates efficiency, a value-oriented culture corporate effectiveness.


Adjusted to your needs we offer:

  • Consutancy and workshop moderation in organizational design
  • Establish talent measurement systems
  • Moderate talent reviews und succession planing
  • Assess internal and external selection processes
  • Establish performance management programs
  • Performance appraisal training
  • HR-employed training for strategic partners
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