Those who don`t know where they stand
or don`t know their goals can`t find the right path.

Strategies for Growth Deutsche Version

Successful strategies are supported by the whole organization.


Do you want to run a high growth company? Is your company positioned for high growth? Is a new investment plan needed? Do you need change management or rather consolidation? Does your business follow a realignment, turnaround, start-up or a sustaining success model?

Every strategy development begins with thorough market research. Together we evaluate the relevant market opportunities and risks, assess your internal resources for growth as a foundation to derive strategic decisions.

Capturing market potential will require a sustainable and relevant competitive advantage. We encourage you to position your business for a stronger outward orientation and put your value proposition to the test.

The Strategy House will be developed together with you, your management team and designated departments to increase understanding and commitment.

Visions inspire for the future, guide decision taking, integrate functions and teams and are essential to drive any change management process. However visions without actions rapidly turn into illusions. In accordance with our Strategy House we turn visions into a clear set of strategic thrusts and action plans.


According to your needs we offer:

  • Strategic consulting of business and marketing
  • Development of visions, strategies and measures together with the Board of Directors and/or functional teams
  • Moderation of strategy workshops
  • Support change management processes
  • Interim management